This is not a metaphor, it’s a thank you

People fall in love on here.

They find someone
across the globe
and keep them
like secrets -

close to their hearts,
warm and comfortable,
nestled in the pocket
of their jackets or their jeans.

People fall in love on here.

Distance is a metaphor
for obstacles they overcome
to find the person
worthy of waiting for.

The reunion is a metaphor
for the sounds their ribs make
when their hearts riot against them
as the two touch palms for the first time.

I think it’s a good thing, this site.

People fall in love on here,

And some write 
with wearied eyes,
burdened from the loss of it,
broken by the loneliness.

And hands reach across
the distance, the reunion,
the bones and the humanity
and find a way to say “I love you, I care”.

Yes, people fall in love on here,
And I fall to pieces,
and love keeps it all
bound like the secret
in the pocket lint -

Held and unified,
a coming together
and a falling apart,
all sewn and grown
in the stitches of hope.