The horizon who lost the sunlight

I miss you the way the horizon
must miss the sun.

How is one to bear
holding golden light within
fingers left frozen by winter,
feeling them warm beneath
the caress of Summertime,
and having to survive that brilliance
becoming but a ghost of a kiss,
falling away like candlelight
and those leaves in Autumn?

I lost you today -
your smile was a waning moon
and life left you in its wake.
Time held you in its embrace
but death lingered in your breath
and painted your amber light grey.

I cannot see a sunrise.
The world is halted in an endless dawn,
but the sun is buried beneath the horizon.

You’re resting in my graveyard heart
and these words are wilting roses.

Wake up for me.
Wake up,
        wake up, 
            wake up.

I’m cold.

I miss you the way
the horizon misses the sun.